Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Ukrainian Famine/Genocide "Holodomor" of 1932-33

                                  Stalin's Genocide in Ukraine
Currently there are a number of excellent sources for accurate information on the internet and in books. This is especially true in the Ukrainian language since the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening up of Communist Party and NKVD/KGB archives, but we will currently limit ourselves to English sources.

Here are a few good web resources:

Holodomor curriculum

For authoritative books on the subject, here is a partial list:
The Holodomor Reader 
Harvest of Sorrow
Hunger By Design
Here is a short 26 page booklet that provides a succinct history on the subject based on archival materials used by the current Ukrainian govt to bring to trial the perpetrators of this crime.
Holodomor Booklet

Here is the documentary presented by Glenn Beck:
The documentary film "Harvest of Despair"

Here is a Statement from the White House regarding this year's commemoration(2012):
A quote from a communist leader speaking in the Kharkiv region in 1934:
"Famine in Ukraine was brought on to decrease the number of Ukrainians, replace the dead with people from other parts of the USSR, and thereby to kill the slightest thought of any Ukrainian independence.
 - V. Danilov et al., Sovetskaia derevnia glazami OGPU_NKVD. T. 3, kn. 2. Moscow 2004. P. 572

“Between the peasants and our government there rages a cruel war. This is a battle to the death. This year became a test of our strength and their resilience. Famine has shown them who is the boss here. Famine has cost millions of lives, but the collective system will exist forever. We won the war.” Mendel Khatayevich - In 1932, in charge of grain confiscation in the Kharkiv oblast. Second Secretary of the Central Comm. of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Awarded Order of Lenin 1935. 
On January 21st, 2010 a ruling of the Court of Appeal in Kyiv came into force prescribing blame for the organization in 1932-1933 Famine-Genocide in Ukraine, on the Bolshevik leaders of the USSR. The Court decision confirmed the findings of investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine that, in 1932-1933 on the territory Ukraine, that the leadership of the Bolshevik totalitarian regime: Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lazar Kaganovich, Paul Postyshev,Stanislav Kosior, Vlas Chubar, Mendel Khatayevich were guilty of the crime of "genocide of the Ukrainian national group, i.e. artificially creating conditions calculated to bring about its partial physical destruction."